For some Canadians, the uncertainty in the economy is making them anxious about their financial security.They are worried about their jobs, retirement, and just regular day-to-day expenses. But have you thought about the opportunities, given that we expect another year of record-low mortgage rates?If you’re like most homeowners, your mortgage is your most powerful financial tool. That means that a carefully structured mortgage can provide financial security and the opportunity to build real wealth in 2016.Here are some ways you might be able to benefit from the sunny days ahead –
1. If you are locked in at a higher rate than you could get today, I can analyze your situation and show you the possibilities.
2. If you are carrying more than $25,000 in high-interest loans or credit cards that is eating away at your cash flow, you may be able to refinance into a lower-rate mortgage if you have enough equity, saving thousands on interest and improving cash flow.
3. Low mortgage rates and home equity give you low-cost funds for that renovation you’ve been wanting – or funds for tuition, a wedding, or special vacation.
4. You may want to take advantage of today’s great rates to trade up to a new home, buy an investment property, or take advantage of an investment or business opportunity.
If any of these apply, feel free to get in touch anytime. With today’s low rates, it’s a great time to look at restructuring yesterday’s mortgage to fit today’s needs. And, as always, feel free to extend my offer to friends or family who might appreciate a free mortgage review
Warm regards,
Wimal Navaratnam
Mortgage Intelligence (Brokerage # 10428)
416 399 3449

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